Georgetown’s Rowdy Rugby Says Au Revoir

Don’t get blind sided by this drop kick: Rugby Food & Spirits is closing this weekend.

Launched in 2004, Rugby — the clothing store — was meant to be a rebellious, vintage varsity version of Ralph Lauren’s classic cool.  So, obviously its one-and-only cafe, adjoining the Georgetown store, is famous for fratty fetes and orange crushes in addition rugby2to its signature burgers and chili bowls.

Thursday’s College Nights (well, wasn’t every night was more or less college night?!) built a scene of steady regulars who made memories both behind the bar as guest ‘tenders and on at the tables for madness-infused monthly Supper Clubs.

But that all ends this Saturday.

In November 2012, it was announced that Ralph Lauren would be ending the Rugby line by February 2013, at which time the Rugby stores will close permanently.

And so goes the cafe as well.  As the end draws near, join GM Thomas Barker and Chef Alex McCoy for specials and memorial events… and to take Rugby advantage for one more free kick.

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