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For everything trending in the 202. K Street Magazine has been the city’s go-to online resource for all the info DC needs to know – now – to experience the real city behind the Capital City. Devoted to lifestyle news in and around the District of Columbia since 2006, K Street Magazine and its longtime Editor, @kstreetkate, continue to be trusted resources for all of DC’s hottest topics.

 K Street Magazine offers sponsorship advertising in the form of sidebar ads linked to your business, event, or website in various sizes.  Quoted rates do not guarantee editorial coverage, however KSM is committed to sharing sponsor news through site posts when appropriate, and other opportunities to take advantage of K Street Magazine’s extensive online media footprint are available. Creative sponsorship suggestions encouraged.

*Square: 125 x 125 pixels $100/month

*Vertical Box: 120 x 240 pixels $250/month

*Large Box: 300 x 250 pixels $350/month

*Leaderboard (as available): 500 x 90 pixels $450/month

**Discounts for multiple month purchases & non-profit organizations

Kindly submit ads in JPG format, clearly labeled with business, contact name, email & phone to ads@kstreetmagazine.com.  Graphics and ad copy must be received 3 business days before desired posting. Full payment will be required in advance (options include credit card, PayPal and personal checks).

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