The experience starts by ringing the doorbell five times to gain access to Jose Andres’ test kitchen for cocktails — which is now located adjacent to his famed Minibar.  And then, you have two hours for tasting.

Just opened last month, the new Barmini, an all-white modern mixologist’s laboratory for some 100+ cocktails, is a bit of a pretentious place just to grab a drink… but its perfect for the ceremony of concoctions, from classic cocktails to new exotic (12)

From the wall of hands (you’ll understand when you see it) to the hand-carved ice cubes, the (remarkable if not particularly comfortable) cactus couch to gold barware and glassware for every particular pour, a reservation at Barmini is a sensory sipping event — that (unlike Minibar) will only set you back about as much as a swanky lounge or velvet rope establishment.

During your timed visit, enjoy a few sips from the menu — divided by alcohol base — or go off-menu to savor selections specially prepared for your tastes by Barmini’s cocktail crew.

And in addition to the alcohol, those chicharrones will be the best $4 you ever spent. 

Barmini takes reservation through its website.

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