KBG Karaoke!

Yes, the KGB scares us, too.  Even when it means Karaoke in Grandma’s Basement!

Wednesday night, Mari Vanna kicked off their weekly KGB karaoke series with a private shindig for Mari Vanna Accordionist and by Travis Vaughnfriends and family of the Dupont Circle Russian eatery, which will now officially open to the public Wednesdays at 9 PM.

Ushanka-clad KGB guards manned the entrance to the third-floor cocktail lounge (so… not actually the basement), collecting guests’ top-secret waivers and fingerprints before passing out Guests at Mari Vanna by Travis Vaughncomplimentary liquid courage in the form of house-infused pineapple-coconut vodka shots.

Attendees belted their best renditions of everything from Rihanna to American Hi-Fi — sometimes accompanied by a house accordionist who also tapped out traditional Russian tunes –while vodka “warming up” their vocal chords.

Want to get in to the KGB’s top secret singalong? You’ll have to register your John Hancock and your prints at the door and be sure you share the secret code. (Tell ’em K Street Mag said it was: Mari Vanna).

*Photos credit Travis Vaughn

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