#WHCD Off the Record?!

CNN’s Rene Marsh – Fortune Magazine’s Leigh Gallagher – Rock The Vote President Ashley Spillane – LMT Inc. CEO and President Lani Hay and Michelle Branch.

Is anything really off the record during #WHCD?!  Only when “off the record” means, literally, a performance straight from a musical artist’s latest EP!

Friday night, LMT Inc. President and CEO Lani Hay hosted the 7th Annual Rock The Vote “OFF THE RECORD” event at her home in NW Washington, inviting some 100+ celebrators and celeb-seekers to enjoy an intimate set sung by Michelle Branch (who boasts such top charted hits as “Goodbye to you,” “All You Wanted” and the Grammy-winning track, “Everywhere”) while sipping Moët & Chandon champagne and DC-themed Belvedere cocktails.

WPGC 95.5’s Sunni And The City, Nival Salon & Spa’s Emily Villalva and Tiffanie Wagner.

The event not only promoted the mission of Rock the Vote — to build the political power of young people — but also served as a celebration of a handful of top distinguished women engaged in news media, including CNN’s Rene Marsh, Fortune Magazine’s Leigh Gallagher and WJLA’s Rebecca Cooper.

“Women in media have been instrumental in fueling societal progress and in giving an accurate portrayal of women in their stories,” Hay told her gathered guests, among them, FOX 5’s Steve Chenevey, Lauren DeMarco and Tucker BarnesABC 7’s Jummy Olabanji, Scott Thuman and Kendis GibsonWUSA 9’s Andrea RoaneBET’s Angel Elliot.

*All photos credit Larry French/Getty