Full Transparency, DC Makes Its Own Hard Seltzer

4 Can Array of Full Transparency (Credit DC Brau Brewing)

Truly®… who needs White Claw®?! DC Brau Brewing is now making its own full line of hard seltzers. The brand is called FULL TRANSPARENCY, a nod to the latest trends in beverage (and other lifestyle bandwagons we’re sure).

“Much like the early years of the craft beer movement here in the District, we saw a hole on the shelves for a locally-brewed seltzer, and are excited to be the first to put our stamp on this fast-growing market here in the National Capital Region and beyond,” says DC Brau CEO & Co-Founder Brandon Skall in a statement about entering the new beverage category.

Brewmaster and President Jeff Hancock insists all four flavors of the new seltzers (which will be available in 12 ounce cans first starting Saturday, November 16th at the brewery) will appeal to “hard-core seltzer fans as well as the occasional drinker looking for a lower calorie option.”

The initial Full Transparency brand flavors include Mango, Black Cherry, Raspberry Limeade, and a blend of Passionfruit, Orange and Guava (POG), that will be available in six packs and mixed variety 12 packs. Each can is 100 calories with less than one gram of sugar and 5% alcohol-by-volume (ABV).

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