DC Is ‘Hooked’ on This New Version of Peter Pan!

“I Gotta Crow.” (from L) Nolan Almeida as Peter Pan, Hawa Kamara as Wendy. Photo: Matthew Murphy

From the moment Peter flies into the Darling children’s bedroom, audiences are mesmerized.

Peter Pan, the high-flying musical that has enthralled audiences of all ages for almost 70 years, has been updated in a new adaptation by celebrated playwright Larissa FastHorse, directed by Emmy Award winner Lonny Price and choreography by Lorin Latarro.

“I’m Flying.” (from L) Micah Turner Lee as John, Reed Epley as Michael, Hawa Kamara as Wendy, Nolan Almeida as Peter Pan. Photo: Matthew Murphy

The adventure still begins when Peter Pan and his mischievous sidekick, Tinker Bell, visit Wendy, John, and Michael late one night — but this version gives Wendy more ambition, maturity, and bossiness (in the best way).

Peter is somehow more petulant and more vulnerable. But his flying hijinks… they’re just incredible!

With a sprinkle of fairy dust and a lesson in thinking happy thoughts, Peter takes the children on a magical journey to Neverland, where they encounter the Lost Boys and the infamous Captain Hook.

“Hook’s Tarantella.” (center) Cody Garcia as Captain Hook and the cast of Peter Pan. Photo: Matthew Murphy

The tribe of Tiger Lily has a much larger part to play in this version, teaching Peter, the Boys, and Wendy about the benefits of teaming up and seeing past differences. And the Lost Boys’ story may also strike audiences — this one stays true to the original author’s work.

But whether you go to see the flying, to figure out the special effects — how DOES Peter Pan’s shadow move on its own?? — or to give Tinker Bell that extra love and support she needs to make it through, you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement in the theatre as this classic story takes shape… and shape shifts a bit.

From the second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning – DC audiences are Hooked! Hear the clock ticking on your chance to see it??!

“I Won’t Grow Up!” Nolan Almeida as Peter Pan (center) and the cast of Peter Pan. Photo: Matthew Murphy

Peter Pan is on a short performance run at National Theatre through April 21st. There are also a limited number of tickets available through Braodway at the National’s Official Digital Lottery. The lottery is open for entry 9:00am-2:00pm the day before each performance.