Whimsy 360: An Extrasensory Dining Experience at the St. Regis

Whimsy 360 combines award-winning international cuisine with state-of-the-art projection technology

Perhaps you can imagine dining under the stars, in a treehouse, or even underwater. But what if it all happened in one sitting?!  That’s Whimsy. And when you add in all five senses to the dining experience, that’s Whimsy 360.

Whimsy 360 is a unique immersive dining experience happening for a limited time in DC. After successful runs in Doha and Kuala Lampur, this one-of-a-kind night of dinner with sensory delights has found its first U.S. home at the St. Regis, where Executive Chef Andrew Roche’s talents are on full display.

@kstreetkateThis extrasensory fine dining experience is on now at the St. Regis in DC.♬ Whimsy – Gib

Truffle scented asparagus flan with a quail egg and smoked muscovy duck breast

Between the temptations of his elevated five-course menu and wine pairings, guests will be stunned by a combination of art, projection tech, and flavors that satisfy every sense.

Through each course, a virtual host leads diners through a new world — perhaps in space, in the treetops, under the sea, or at a carnival — that acts as an extrasensory way to engage the mind and encourage interaction with your dinner party companions. (Watch for the part that would make an excellent proposal portion… but regardless, there will be much to talk about at the table!)

While it isn’t such a whimsical want at $195 per person (before wine), the Whimsy 360 experience is worth it for the exceptional food alone. Roche’s Saffron Arancini, Truffle Scented Asparagus Flan, Diver Scallop, Beef Fillet Mignon topped with Foie Gras, and Tropical Mango Mouse courses were each tantalizing in taste and presentation. (A vegetarian dinner option is also available.)

Filet Mignon topped with sauteed foie gras on a bed of sweet potato puree

Floating whales, dancing tables sprites, and carnival Ferris wheel side smorgasbords just add to the whimsy.

Whimsy 360 is available for a limited time at the St. Regis in DC (as well as currently in Berlin, Germany) with reservations available here.