MXDC: Todd English Makes His Mark With Mexican

Todd English is back in business in DC.  But this time he’s hoping it’s Mexican fare that’ll help him make his mark.

A mini Mahi Mahi taco

Yes, Todd English can do Mexican.

It’s the Mahi Mahi tacos and the crab covered Guacamole that’ll get people in the door of his new MXDC (perhaps confusingly located at the same address as the gigantic Hamilton restaurant and live music venue next door).  Though that celebrity Chef “thing” sure makes a great garnish.

English and partners invited DC’s most ‘out and about’ for a lively opening preview party of the sumptuously decorated space — complete with hidden DJ booth for nights when the salsa leads to salsa — Tuesday night.

Sama, Hasrat and Massoud enjoy preview toasts and tastes

Between bites of beet ceviche and sips of signature margarita, guests snapped photos with English and reminisced over times at his last local restaurant, Olives (replaced in location by P.J. Clarkes).

But while city snackers agreed MXDC’s tacos were oh-so-tasty, it was actually the libations that kept the party going well into the night!  No one could get enough of JP Caceres‘ bar concoctions (like The Paloma… Spanish for “Dove”), but try as they might, they couldn’t sample them all.  MXDC boasts an extensive agave program, offering more than 100 different types of tequila!

*MXDC is now open and is located at 600 14th Street, NW

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