A Sneak Peek Into Dolci Gelati Cafe’s Sweet Spring & Summer

2Spring is here and with the winter blues swept away, Dolci Gelati Cafe opened their doors to let the public in on the upcoming treats they can expect from the Spring and Summer menus.

Former professional water polo player turned Pastry Chef Gianluigi Dellaccio crafted some delicious concoctions which marry together modern twists with traditional Italian recipes that have been honed by his family for generations.  New to the menu were the in house pizzas!9

This artisan gelato company is stretching the boundaries of what can be considered a dessert  with their latest additions to the Dolci Gelati menu.  A complete new range of “boozy beverages” were on offer such as the peach and mango sorbet combined with beer, as the Cafe has recently obtained a beer and wine license.   Dellaccio proves that gelato and beer do mix… and in addition they also serve their Beer Shakes made with local brew.

Dellaccio and his wife and co-owner, Anastasia, were on hand to give guests insight into how they come up these new ideas.

One new addition that was proving to be extremely popular with the variety of guests was the new “Hot Gelato”… one that might just be made for “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” as the gelato does not melt!  The texture of the gelato is similar to a thick whip cream, and has even been made as a wedding cake.

At the end of the event Anastasia and Gianluigi gave the guests a surprise treat by creating fresh gelato before everyone’s eyes.  Chef brought out his new favorite toy with a batch freezer from the 1920’s that he restored himself!  Then he went on to make fresh stracciatella gelato for everyone.

For those who can’t find a flavor that they like (although that’s going to be hard as the range of flavors is staggering), or for those who couldn’t handle cold desserts, there were also savory bits and sweet pastries on offer.   What a Dolci Day!