The Fairmont Rooftop’s Posh Producers & Pollinators

Bees — their social hierarchy is just as complicated as humans’!


To celebrate the expansion of the Fairmont Hotel & Resort’s Bee Sustainable Program, the Georgetown Fairmont hosted an intimate group of hive enthusiasts to tour its growing rooftop honeybee hives and new pollinator bee hotel before tasting tempting new Beetinis and honey drizzled canapes in the lobby and, ultimately, dining on a featured “Pollinator Menu” in the hotel’s urban courtyard escape.


Before a trio of courses, (Co)Chief Beekeeper (and Assistant Director of Engineering) Donny Parrella and Pastry Chef Elizabeth Teuwen educated the group a bit about the hives — including one “tended” by Hyde-Addison Elementary School in support of the D.C. Public Schools’ Junior Beekeepers Program:


“It grows extra large when they are trying to groom a new Queen,” explained Teuwen on why one hive was larger than the others. “When they kick the old Queen out, some of the bees go and follow her, and they all go and swarm somewhere.  The old Queen goes off and… you have to collect her so you can stick her back in another hive!”


The Fairmont’s three honeybee hives are growing — and produce up to 300 pounds of honey per year, which is used in salads, desserts and the hotel’s now-signature cocktail the BeeTini.  Among the featured honied items on the Juniper menu are Goat Cheese & Cauliflower Panna Cotta with Cranberry Gelee and Wild Flower Honey, Wild Caught Salmon with Pollen Dust, and an Eldeberry Creme Brule garnished with a Honey Tea cookie.  



Sustainability.  Another reason to check out the Fairmont and Juniper Restaurant; BEE-cause you know fresh honey tastes so good on your dinner — and in your drink!

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