Zaytinya: There’s More than One Way to Skinos a Grape

Those lucky VIPs and members of the press who attended Zaytinya’s annual Grape Festival launch on Thursday night were welcomed inside with a taste of a new signature cocktail. It was sparkling wine, vermouth, a skinned grape, and the phrase, “There’s more than one way to skinos a grape.”img_0306

Think Food Group, Jose Andres’ management and innovation team, sponsored the kick-off event of this two week homage to the versatile fruit.

For those who don’t know, Zaytinya is just one of a few locales in the city that can claim Andres’ signature touch. Andres, who is frequently credited for pioneering the communal, small plates dining style in this country, has popularized — with undeniable success — the once unfamiliar concept in cities like DC, Miami and LA.

dscn0782As guests mixed and mingled, Michael Costa (right), head chef of Zaytinya and close intellectual and creative thought partner of Andres, milled about, buzzing in conversation and explaining with a simple statement the reason all were there; for the “celebration of one of the world’s most important agricultural ingredients.”

Must haves? The Mutan See and Tyros Solata paired with Sauvignon Blanc wine from Joanna Rees. With that, the mezze menu of Turkish, Lebanese, and Greek flavors was brought to life.

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