Thanks to Teatro Goldoni for Donating My Date!

You still have a chance to purchase a ticket to Affairs of State: the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy Date Auction and Band Party Friday night at the City Tavern Club. You also still have a chance to bid on a date with me!

Friday night, probably after 11 PM (though the event starts at 8:30 with an hour of OPEN BAR!) I’m going on the auction block to raise money for this new organization and their efforts to foster the next generation of foreign policy leadership – goodness knows, we need it!

Teatro Goldoni has generously donated a $100 gift certificate to accompany my date. So break those piggy banks; I want to see some high bid cards in the air Friday night!

One thought on “Thanks to Teatro Goldoni for Donating My Date!

  1. Thanks, I guess!, to Jon Hall, who took the time to look ME up specifically and write me a scathing e-mail on my participation in this date auction.

    It’s nice to know that I should be “shamed” for trying to help an organization that wants to advance the interests of young professionals in political careers.

    If you’re not into it, don’t participate – but SHAME ON YOU for writing such a nasty note to someone you don’t know, and who dedicates a LOT of time to help everyone else’s cause.

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