Lost in the Bermuda Triangle

While google’ing my name gets you more “Kate,Michael” references from Lost (the television series) than I care to admit, I wouldn’t have minded getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle last weekend. A short weekend on the beautiful Bermuda beaches just was not enough!

I’ve wanted to visit Bermuda for years – since an old boyfriend thought he was going to be relocated there. I had done more than enough research to feel like I could be a true Bermudian! He never moved… and then moved on. 🙂 Thanks to Molly Margenau for having a birthday, so I could finally make that short two hour plane ride!

So, for all of you who have yet to go… Bermuda shorts and knee-high socks really are the official dress code. Definitely drink a Dark & Stormy but stay away from Ginger Beer on its own. And try another island if you’re looking for more than a few days of rest and relaxation (there is nothing open after 10 pm) – even the customs agent told me this was a place for the “Newlywed and Nearly Dead”!

Even so, I loved every minute. Happy Birthday, Molly!