Pickleball… on the Mall

National Mall of Pickleball is brought to you by the Trust for the National Mall and Humana

For three days in late September, America’s new pastime is taking over a prime spot for everyone to play.

The National Mall of Pickleball is coming September 28 – 30 to the JFK Hockey Fields on the Mall. For the first time ever, nine temporary pickleball courts will be constructed on the JFK Hockey Fields, adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

Want to play? This three-day event is free to register and open to players of all ages and skill level—old, young, expert, or novice.

Plus there will be celebrity guests — including actor, comedian, and U.S. veteran Rob Riggle, and award-winning journalist Katie Couric!

Expect clinics, walk-on play, exhibition matches, and a local player showcase as well as opportunities to play with the pros from D.C. Pickleball!

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