Pickleball Pops Up on the National Mall… Again

National Mall of Pickleball is brought to you by the Trust for the National Mall and Humana

The National Mall of Pickleball returns to DC this fall (Sept 27-29) with “One for the Ages” — celebrating pickleball as a sport for all ages… Get it?

Just like last year, America’s new pastime is taking over a prime spot for play… erecting temporary pickleball courts on the JFK Hockey Fields adjacent to the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. But unlike last year, it appears that registration for these playing courts on the mall may not be open to just anyone. 

Want to play? Over the next several weeks, duos can submit their stories that highlight the role pickleball has played in their intergenerational relationship for a chance to play on Center Court in the first-ever Search for the Ultimate Duo at the 2024 National Mall of Pickleball.

Six duos will be selected from across the country with inspiring stories of combatting age segregation through pickleball to win an all-expense-paid trip to the National Mall of Pickleball.

Winners will be announced on August 8, 2024, in honor of National Pickleball Day.