Oh My Omakase! How to Experience DC’s New Sushi Nakazawa

Omakase. It’s a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it up to you.” And when you participate in the experience at DC’s new Sushi Nakazawa, you’ll be left in good hands.

The intimate ten seat sushi bar is now open (with an additional dining room to open shortly) under the direction of Chef/Owner Daisuke Nakazawa and executed by Executive Chef Uchi.  It’s a rare concept for DC, though omakase sushi establishments are prevalent in other of America’s major cities.

So just what should you expect?

Make a reservation.  These are available via Sushi Nakazawa’s website or directly through Resy. It’s a small dining counter and guests stay through the entire experience, so there is no “table turnover.”  You’ll want to reserve your place well in advance.

Sit near the chef. It’s an intimate evening, to be sure, but seats directly in front of the Chef, if possible, ensure even more personal interaction.  He’ll explain what you’re about to eat, of course, but you may also pick up more interesting tidbits, like stories about how he chose the fish in the market that day, or cultural traditions associated with each piece on offer.

Leave your dietary restrictions and preferences at home.  This experience is for the adventurous!  Chef will obviously cater to allergies and serious dietary issues but there is no menu.  You’ll be enjoying the best of what the Chef has chosen to offer on the evening you attend.

Prepare for a 20-course omakase. Sushi Nakazawa’s omakase menu is always changing depending on the Chef’s choices and best fresh fish offerings available, but it will always feature 20 courses — or 20 sushi pieces.

Get the pairings. Wine, sake, beer, champagne and whiskey are available, but we highly recommend the full experience.  Talk to Beverage Director Dean Fuerth about Sushi Nakazawa’s intriguing wine and (our favorite!) sake pairings.

The price is set. Omakase is not inexpensive, but when you consider the full value of the evening: Food, Chef interaction, and sushi prep as entertainment, it’s a steal at just $150 per person (not including beverage pairings, tax, or gratuity).

Sushi Nakazawa is open Monday-Saturday with omakase seatings at 5pm7:15pm and 9:30pm.

One thought on “Oh My Omakase! How to Experience DC’s New Sushi Nakazawa

  1. I’ve been to the NY restaurant many times and have never been disappointed. One of the best omakase experiences anywhere. The DC restaurant is beautiful.

    Chef Nakazawa happened to be in DC when I visited, which was a pleasant surprise. As usual, 20 pieces of nigiri were expertly prepared and delivered with exceptional service. Three types of salmon, skipjack, three types of tuna, golden eye snapper, amberjack, Spanish mackerel, scallops, sweet shrimp, wagyu, sea urchin, salmon roe, dungeoness crab, and more.

    The temperature of the nigiri was perfect and the rice was outstanding.

    The service, led by General Manager Cody Nason, is flawless. Sake menu is too notch and I suggest adding one of the sake pairings.

    Have heard that some DC residents and liberal leaning individuals won’t visit because the restaurant is housed in the same building as the Trump International hotel. That’s just absurd. The restaurant has no ties to President Trump and even has a separate entrance in the back of the building so you don’t even have to enter the hotel.

    It’s quite pricey ($150 for bar seating, $120 for table seating). but its a culinary experience you cannot miss.

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