Meat, The Extra Ingredient at Wknd’s Wine & Food Fest

It was a day of tasting, tasting, tasting – and a “Meat” Trivia Triathlon! Last weekend’s 5th Annual National Harbor Wine & Food Festival was a destination event in the inner harbor that brought together area chefs, artisanal craftsmen, culinary pioneers, smooth jazz and other family fun.

This year’s festival included over 150 International wines, spirits and beers featured along with local and regional favorites, available to taste, by the glass and to take home by the bottle.

Photo credit: Michael Woestehoff

An expanded VIP Pier (best value!) offered savory and sweet food tastings as well as a Stella Artois/Leffe/Hoegaarden beer tent and a harbor-view music lounge.

As for the day’s other fun — for the first year,  the US Beef Council hosted an I Love Beef Trivia Triathlon where contestants (CityPaper’s Nevin Martell, The Washington Lobbyist’s Michael Woestehoff and K Street Kate’s Kate Michael) competed in a three part competition to identify cuts of beef (Where’s the Beef?), answer trivia questions relating to beef (It’s Academic), and a mis-en-place relay to peel potatoes, whisk a marinade and tool meatballs.

The inaugural competition beefed up an already exciting day of dining and drinking.

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