[Vid] World Record Set at Z Burger’s 5th Annual July 4th Burger Eating Championship

Z-Burger (Tenleytown) held its fifth annual Independence Burger Eating Championship Wednesday afternoon, with sixteen contestants from around the country squaring off to see who had the winningest stomach.

Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti (Chicago), former #2 Competitive Eater in the World, Jamie “The Bear” McDonald (Connecticut), former #1 Competitive Eater in the World, “Wayneywonder” Algenio (New York City), Balut Eating Contest Champion, Dale “Mouth of the South” Boone (Georgia), Rat Toe Eating Contest Champion, “Gentlemen” Joe Menchetti (Connecticut), and “Munchin Mike” Longo (Virginia) were among those who tested how many Z Burgers they could down in the allotted ten minute time period to win a grand prize of $1,250 cash and $1,250 in Z-Burger food Wednesday afternoon.

After a frenzied feast, a new world-record was set as Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti devoured 28 burgers, besting the previous burger-eating record of 26.  Second place went to Jamie “The Bear” McDonald, with 24 consumed, and Dale Boone placed 3rd after swallowing 21.

Following the contest, all spectators were treated to a complementary burger, but for the contestants, it was time to digest before having another go at American gourmet.  This Independence Day holiday isn’t a week for the weak: “There’s six contests in a five day period,” said Boone.

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