Frisky Fetes and ‘Not Your Mother’s Tupperware Parties’ on the Rise

“We’re going to use the left hand for licking and the right hand for rubbing tonight,” said adult toy party Hostess Elaina Ward.  And if that sounds a little scandalous, it was meant to be!

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From Ward’s Collection of Adult Toys for Sale

Ward’s events are part of a growing trend of sexuality in social settings.  Gals’ get-togethers are branching out from the pot luck dinners, Bunco nights and cocktail parties that were soooo 2012.  These new pleasure parties come with activities like “Penis Picasso,” books titled “Tickle his Pickle”… and even sell serums that suppress a gag reflex (which we’re sure some of our more conservative readers may require to get through this post).

Such was the case last Saturday night when a group of friends gathered in McLean for a “Titillating Tupperware” party and invited us along for the thrill ride. *Note that the Facebook invitation did specify that “this is NOT your mother’s tupperware party, so don’t come expecting to leave with a new set of storage bowls!”

Instead, attendees were inundated with a variety of lotions, potions, gifts, games, lingerie and toys to add excitement and spice to their love life.  But it wasn’t just about eroticism; Interestingly, many girls left with an education.

Examining and talking about the products — with a strong sell to later purchase them from the representative in a private room at the end of the party — turned out not be just fun and games.  Behind the frisky facade of the Girls’ Night Out was a sort of simple sex ed for adults, as Ward also answered questions on sexual health and individual sexuality.

And what may have been even more surprising — a survey of Saturday’s guests proved that it’s not just the couples that are doing all of the canoodling.  Ward also admitted that singles are some of her best clients.

“Even if you’re single, you are in a relationship with yourself,” stressed Ward.  “And that may be the best one EVER!”  Which gives some new meaning to Party of One.

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