At Woolly Mammoth Theatre, An “Atheist’s Paradise”

What future is there for someone who doesn’t believe… in a higher power or in himself?

On stage starting this weekend (Saturday, 11/3) at Woolly Mammoth Theatre, The Edge of the Universe Players 2, a new theatre company dedicated to “unusual styles and serious ideas,” will present its first play, Atheist’s Paradise.

Set at a small Midwestern Christian college, Atheist’s Paradise is the story of “Doc” Johnson (played by Nick Torres), an aging but defiant faculty member; a new college President, Jim Thompson (Claude Stark), who is concerned with image finances; and Doc’s students, particularly Sheila (Rebecca Phillips), a religiously ardent freshman who is finding her place in the world.

Dedicated to teaching critical thinking and decisive action, Doc is both head football coach and philosophy professor.  Through his reasoning with Sheila, he prompts an identity crisis — or rather a shattering of her beliefs — but doesn’t realize he’s about to get a refreshed identity of his own.  President Thompson wants a winning football team, and a more palatable persona for Doc, and so turns on the pressure.

All these trials and judgement on Earth while on another plane of existence, Doc’s being judged for so much more…

Atheist’s Paradise is on stage at Woolly Mammoth Theatre through November 25th.

*All photos provided courtesy of The Edge of the Universe Players 2

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