[Party Pix] VIDA’s Penthouse Pool Club Halloween Party

Hurricane Sandy may temporarily be putting the kibosh on DC’s Halloween, but festivities were left unscathed during Saturday’s Penthouse Pool Club Halloween Costume Party above VIDA Fitness-U Street.

Before the health club’s members-only upper deck takes a winter hiatus, partygoers took to the roof bringing their Halloween A-game.  Wacky and whimsical by the water made for an eclectic range of outfits — each wilder than the next!

Ghostbusters, Frida Kahlo and Dali… even classic pirates and, of course, Big Bird costumes, brought a twist. And juxtaposed against the urban chic poolside decor, this party was a night you had to see to believe.

Post party, the Penthouse Pool Club closed until Spring 2013, yet is adding names to its membership waitlist. (Members must first join VIDA Fitness before adding pool access, perhaps just the amount of time you need to save up/heat up and join!)

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