Xtend Barre’s New Workout Sticks it to You

Somewhere in a Galaxy far, far away… or more likely just down an alley near the Convention Center or in an exercise studio in Old Town Alexandria… your neighbors are sweating their buns off.  And this potentially torturous exercise regime is actually becoming a popular pastime.

Xtend Barre Founder Andrea Rogers demonstrates the new Stick Fusion

“It’s a high-energy total-body workout that combines serious sculpting exercises done at the ballet barre with lively music and cardio where clients can have fun while achieving serious results… in under an hour,” says Founder Andrea Rogers.  “It’s pilates and dance amplified!  It’s Xtend Barre!”  And now it’s all about carrots and sticks.  Well, sticks anyway.

Rogers made a special trip to DC earlier this summer to introduce locals to the latest from her ballet-inspired barre workouts, which are now offered at two Xtend Barre locations in the Greater Washington area.  These new classes are called Xtend Barre Stick Fusion, and if you imagine that they are like adding the resistance of a Pilates Stick to the core exercises of your already seriously strengthening Xtend Barre body building, you’d be right.

“Not all Barre classes are created equal!” insists Rogers, a professional dancer and choreographer who firmly believes in the principals of Pilates: stabilization, concentration, control, flow, breath and precision.  “Unlike other barre workouts which solely focus on pulsing and micromovements, Xtend Barre includes a larger emphasis on dance while still incorporating [Pilates] fundamentals.”

And her loyal clients’ toned physiques suggest she’s doing something right.

Check out Xtend Barre for your own session of sweaty strengthening… and see if you can stick to it.

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