Rum Punch and Rendezvous at a Coconut Club ‘Staycation’

Just what is Rum Punch? Duane Sylvestre (@DCElixirMixer) has been collecting answers and antics from cocktail slinging superstars around DC — like Derek Brown, Devin Gong, Glendon Hartley, Al Thompson and more — so he teamed up with the Happy Hour enthusiasts at Happied and the Coconut Club to play host to DC rum lovers for a Staycation Soirée — a night to explore the question that has been stumping bartenders across the city.

Staycation, the event (9/16/19) was a tribute the the upcoming end of summer while also exploring the happiest of the classic cocktails: rum punch. Ten of DC’s most awesome bartenders were on hand to present their best rum punch recipes.

Participating mixologists were Andy Bixby– Jack Rose, Sarah Rosner– Bourbon Steak, Brian Nixon– McClellan’s Retreat, Tony Lawson– Hill Prince, Faith Alice Sleeper- Left Door, Chris Chapman Shakura– Coconut Club, Will Patton – Bresca, Will Alverez– The Green Zone, and Robert Tinney– CopyCat.

Each were so different that choosing a favorite was impossible. But all could agree that sipping rum punches on a Monday night was a Staycation to savor.

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