Get Happied! This App Finds the Best Happy Hours Near You

20170626_191624_2_bestshotImagine you had a best friend — besides K Street Magazine, of course — who knew all about the best Happy Hour places to visit. Well, there’s a new website that does just that.  Mind blown.

Just this week, Happied debuted its new website and app with a celebratory launch party at Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Adams Morgan… one of the places that Happied recommends for Happy Hour!20170626_180821_7_bestshot

A blog website since August 2016, Happied has actually been around for a few months, but when the company wanted to expand, founder April Johnson — who knows an uncanny amount of good places to Happy Hour — decided to take her concept to a platform that would reach many more people.

Liz Ward, a brand ambassador for Happied, was happy to get the word out about the apps’ database and her favorite DC Happy Hours.  Food and drinks on launch evening highlighted 20170626_180734the standards and know-how of the company, with bites including grilled cheese sandwiches, pork belly on skewers, fried mac and cheese balls, and two kinds of sliders, all of which were great items to sop up the boozy drinks.

Because boozy brews are what make Happy Hour so happied!  Examples at Jack Rose that evening included the 5 O’clock Drop, Happy Hour Hero, Go Hard or Go Happied, After Work Perk, and Casual Mondays. Each drink offered something different, which means that there was something for everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Want to check out Happied for yourself? Check out their website and tell ’em K Street Mag sent you!

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