NatGeo’s SEAL TEAM SIX Has ‘Untraditional Hollywood’ Premiere at Newseum

“This film isn’t political; it was a delicate decision. No one will be surprised by the ending,” announced Sen. Chris Dodd, Head of the Motion Picture Association of America, as he introduced the exclusive world premier of National Geographic’s full length film “SEAL Team Six: The Raid of Osama Bin Laden” Thursday evening in the Walter and Leanore Annenberg Theater at the Newseum.

Recalling how each American was touched by 9/11, Dodd explained how he felt this film celebrated good decision making, and summed it up simply by saying this film — a dramatization of the raid as dreamed up by screen writer Kendall Lampkin which took less than a year to transfer from paper to screen — helps us understand history through its dramatic form.

VIPs in attendance included Director John Stockwell, who was thrilled this film could deviate from the traditional Hollywood press junket routine (“It’s so nice to be on CNN and Meet The Press!”), said being in this production was a way to pay tribute to the military and reminded the audience of the truth about the moments behind the scenes.

Several military support partners were in attendance, including Give an Hour‘s founder  Barbara Van Dohlen, who also wanted to remind viewers that as the war ends Americans should “tune in to focus on the men and women coming home.”

*SEAL Team Six: The Raid of Osama Bin Laden airs November 4th on National Geographic Channel.

Lead photo, Left to Right: Courteney Monroe, Chief Marketing Officer, National Geographic Channels; MPAA Head Chris Dodd; Nat Geo CEO David Lyle; Director John Stockwell; Nat Geo’s Howard Owens; actor Kenneth Miller; screenwriter Kendall Lampkin; Founder Give an Hour Barbara Van Dahlen Ph.D.; Geoff Ball from Team Rubicon USA

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