MonsterJam Triple Threat Series Mesmerizes At Capital One Arena

IMG_8839How about those 12,000-pound, 12-foot-tall monster trucks specially outfitted to do mind-boggling stunts at Capital One Arena last weekend? Thrilling for all ages!

The live Monster Jams Triple Threat Series East motorsport event tour included racing and freestyle competitions by monster trucks.

Each Monster Jams event features a select number of the almost 30 trucks in the Monster Jam arsenal competing in an array of stunts and shenanigans.IMG_8857

This weekend’s Triple Threat Series had eight participants, including the ever-popular Grave Digger.  Local (Baltimore) driver Cory Snyder mastered Monster Mutt Rottweiler; El Toro Loco was a clear audience favorite; and despite a clear push to promote Wonder Woman, the sport’s newest Monster Truck and its professional race car driver-turned-Monster Truck phenom Colette Davis, for the female fans at Capital One Arena, Zombie driver Amy Houde was also IMG_8850a force to be reckoned with.

Even those skeptical will find themselves mesmerized by these larger than life trucks and how their riders take them to the limit.

Alongside their Monster Truck timed racing, two wheel skills challenge, donuts, and Freestyle competitions, drivers also compete in challenges involving ATVs and Speedsters, all of which fans judged to determine the points winner.

While each performance event might help a driver gain in his point standings, the actual series winner is determined at the conclusion of the full tour.  This weekend, Jared Eichelberger (Max-D) cut into a Justin Sipes’ (Megalodon) lead. Mark List (El Toro Loco®) also scored five competition wins to edge closer to third place Brandon Vinson (Grave Digger).

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