Meet 2018’s 25 Tequilas of Christmas

Who needs the 12 Days of Christmas when MXDC Cocina Mexicana has 25 Tequilas of Christmas?!

Executive Chef/Partner Todd English and Mixologist Anthony Tavara have reintroduced the 25 tequilas of Christmas with a selected menu of imported tequilas to be enjoyed each day leading up to December 31.  And we’re already well into December, so you’d better get on it! 

Tequila lovers, and those who don’t even know they’re tequila lovers yet, will indulge in sips of blanco, reposado, añejo — and extra añejo — as well as enjoy a selection of house-made margaritas and palomas. Toast the holidays in true mexican style, experiencing a new tequila each day throughout the month of December at a discounted 20% off.

Tequilas range in price from $8 to $13.60 per shot with the discount.  A complete list of the 25 tequilas is here:


25 Tequilas of Christmas List

The Blancos

  1. ArteNOM Blanco – dark, leafy greens.
  2. Avión Blanco – Citrus notes, green grass and pineapple.
  3. Casamigos Blanco – Sweet vanilla, ripe agave, minty.
  4. Casa Noble Crystal – Floral, heavy vanilla and almond.
  5. Clase Azul Plata – Delightfully smooth flavor with a pleasant hint of sweetness.
  6. Don Julio Blanco – Lemon, grapefruit, smoky, pear, citrus peel, agave, pepper.
  7. Herradura Silver – Distinctively sweet agave, mellowed slightly by the woody oak.
  8. Milagro Blanco – Milagro Silver is made from 100% estate-grown, hand-picked blue agave harvested from the highlands of Jalisco.
  9. Patrón Blanco – Soft and light with a fresh, smooth taste, without the flavor of oak.
  10. Patrón Roca Blanco – Sweet cooked agave, mild, earthy and high minerality, cooked vegetal notes.


The Reposados


  1. Casamigos Reposado – Peanut, vanilla maple, spiced, ripe agave, peppery.
  2. Clase Azul Reposado – Jasmine, apple, honey, cinnamon, vanilla, tobacco, chamomile
  3. Corazon Reposado – Vanilla, white pepper, smooth sipper and Marcona almonds
  4. Corralejo Reposado – Smokey, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, black pepper, mushrooms, dark chocolate and vanilla.
  5. Herradura Reposado – Surprisingly smooth. Vanilla and butter are peppered in the sweet cooked agave.
  6. Partida Reposado – Smooth, rich with a touch of sweetness. Aged for six months in American oak Jack Daniel’s barrels.
  7. Patrón Roca Reposado – Cinnamon, agave, vanilla, smoke, bittersweet.


The Añejos


  1. ArteNOM Añejo – Butterscotch, cinnamon, vanilla, dessert-like
  2. Casa Noble Añejo 2yr – Vanilla, poblano, straw bitterness.
  3. Casamigos Añejo – Vanilla, leather, barrel spice, oaky sweetness, minty.
  4. Corralejo Añejo – Orange spice and red pepper filter in with milk chocolate and vanilla
  5. Don Julio Añejo – The nose is initially caramel sweet, but clean vegetal aromas soon rise from the glass.
  6. Herradura Añejo – Notes of herbs, cedar, citrus and vanilla. Rich, plush texture.
  7. Milagro Añejo – Caramel, vanilla, sweet and fruity plum.
  8. Patrón Roca Añejo – Baking spices, maple syrup, vanilla, rich agave

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