Downtown ‘Sip of Seattle’ To Close with Kickstarter Coffee Goodbye

After 22 years, the family-run coffee shop Sip of Seattle in Northwest DC is forced to close, and customers are lamenting the shutdown of their favorite place to grab a Café Latté in Metro Center.

“It’s been 22 years, we started in December of 1992,” ownership told K Street Magazine.  “The last day is this Friday (12/14/18).”

Extended family started a kickstarter campaign to assist with settling the last outstanding expenses and helping the family get back on their feet due to a mixture of high rent costs and an influx of big box corporations opening nearby.

“[The area] is just not the same as before, and the lease now is month to month and that’s really hard.  My niece had the idea to start the kickstarter to get people in one final time and pay final expenses.  We’re looking to raise $5,000.”

Regular customers — as well as those who have heard the news and mourn the demise of the mom-and-pop coffee shop concept  — who want to support the family have been stopping in to say their goodbyes over a cup of their favorite blend.

“On our final day, we would like to invite everyone to join us and share a fresh cup of Colombian coffee with a welcoming smile just like always.  We are really, really grateful to everybody and we’re going to miss everybody because they are like family.  It’s going to be really hard.”

Sip of Seattle ownership has no plans yet to reopen elsewhere.

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