Crime Museum Updates its Murderabilia

Step into the criminal mind — and those fearless enough to take them down — with new exhibits and workshops at The National Museum of Crime & Punishment.

The Crime Museum, which includes a crime lab, simulated FBI shooting range, high-speed police-chase, and hundreds of interactives and artifacts pertaining to America’s favorite subject: CRIME, has recently updated its “murderabilia” with a showcase of personal items belonging to some of America’s most notorious criminals, as well as the vital pieces of evidence that put them behind bars.

Additionally, new workshops on blood spatter analysis and forensic investigation give visitors a chance to play the role of both criminal mastermind and CSI detective, while learning state-of-the-art techniques used by modern law enforcement at the scene of the crime.

Good Morning America describes it as a “must see for CSI fans.”  We’ll just call it necessary knowledge.

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