Dog from The Artist, Cat from Hunger Games Lobby on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill has its fair share of dog days… but tails really start wagging when Tinseltown’s most celebrated collars are due for an appearance!  The 16th Annual Pet Night, a celebration of the bond between people and their pets put on by the Animal Health Institute, was held late last week in the Cannon Caucus Room.

Four legged guests of honor included Tennessee from The Hunger Games (with Trainer Cathy Pittman) and Uggie from The Artist (accompanied by Trainer Omar von Muller).  In addition to posing for countless pictures with Congressional staff, both pets — who were also rescues (98% of all acting animals come out of the pound, according to Pittman) — served as advocates to honor the animal health industry’s role in keeping pets healthy.

Congressmen and Staffers brought along their furry best friends for the reception, which also honored the Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill.

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