An Evening with Robert Redford

He admits he loves DC, saying “I just think it’s an incredibly beautiful city,” so maybe he’ll film more movies 041913MPAARedford-24here!

The Motion Picture Association of America presented An Evening with Robert Redford Friday night, inviting film enthusiasts (Bob Woodward was among those spotted!) to spend some quality time with the screen star/director/producer/businessman and Founder of the Sundance Film Festival and to hear firsthand about his projects — both the classics and those coming up.041913MPAARedford-9

In a panel with MPAA CEO Chris Dodd and moderated by Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday, Redford spoke of “All The President’s Men,” — “I wanted to film it with two unknowns…” — why Sundance was inevitable — “We’re developing these new artists, but there’s no where to go, and that led to another opportunity…” — and his overarching ambition as a filmmaker — “To make a film that makes someone think.”

*Images provided courtesy of MPAA contract photographer Kris Conner

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