Pups & Pilsners

It was a Vintage Crystal experience, quenching thirst with a sense of adventure this weekend as The Crystal City Business Improvement District partnered with the Washington Wine Academy for the inaugural Pups and Pilsners beer festival.   One of a few new Vintage Crystal events, Pups and Pilsners had attendees… Read More

Inside the Innovation: Cosmo Couture!

Cosmo Couture, the “fashionable” event for Architecture and Interior Design firms and their manufacturing partners, took Raymond Saunders’ Red Star to the runway last Thursday night, creating garments to reflect the painting as a given theme. Event Co-Chairs Pedro Nunez and Stacey Milici, welcomed 21 participating… Read More

[Party Pics] Soiree Suisse

Ambassador of Switzerland Manuel Sager and Mrs. Christine Sager held the 11th annual Soiree Suisse at the Swiss Residential compound Wednesday night, inviting several hundred guests to Discover Switzerland, including traditional games, food, libations, and entertainment. A Nespresso coffee lounge, Kubler absinthe lounge and Davidoff… Read More

Eats and Energy with THE WEEK

“Independence does not mean isolation,” explained John Lyman, Director of the Energy and Environment Program at The Atlantic Council and one the speakers at The WEEK‘s environmentally charged luncheon discussion at Acadiana Wednesday afternoon.  “The U.S. will never gain total independence in the oil and gas markets… we are all… Read More