UPDATE: STC’s First-Ever Online Production a Harrowing History of the Bard’s Villain

Shakespeare Theatre Company has released tickets to its first-ever online-only production, ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE: HOW SHAKESPEARE INVENTED THE VILLAIN a performance written by and starring STC Affiliated Artist Patrick Page.

Beloved on Broadway and in Washington, D.C., Page has portrayed an astonishing array of bad guys. And in this show, he traces the evolution of Shakespeare’s most diabolical characters through a series of monologues and scenes.

“Patrick understands Shakespeare’s works as only a seasoned actor can,” STC Artistic Director Simon Godwin shared. “Shakespeare was a playwright and an actor, and Patrick can get under the skin and into the minds of the most devilish creations ever to grace a stage.”

For those who have enjoyed streaming video, but have missed the reality of the theater, Page’s performance is a welcome return to the stage, with lighting, music, props, and dramatic staging all serving to enhance the torturously terrific tale. By speaking directly to the audience, yet not looking directly to the camera, Page gives each viewer the distinct feeling that they are part of a larger audience, while still enjoying the best seats in the house.

Part history lesson, part psychotherapy, and all fascinatingly wretched, Page’s choice of villains and his singular portrayal of each drives into a deeper understanding of Shakespeare’s genius. And at a time when offense seems to abound, this play offers evil in a context that comes at the cost… of a spectacular evening of avante-garde acting and production.

Filmed under strict health and safety protocols onstage at Sidney Harman Hall, All the Devils Are Here: How Shakespeare Invented the Villain runs approximately 80 minutes and is available for viewing online beginning Thursday, February 4 at noon. Tickets are priced at $25 for this limited engagement and may be purchased here. (PLEASE NOTE: The streaming link is available for 72 hours after purchase. Please wait until you are ready to watch to make your purchase.)

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