Catch Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ For Free!

Shakespeare Theatre Company (STC) is celebrating the 30th season of their annual Washington, DC Free For All event. Since 1991, Free For All has brought free productions of Shakespeare to more than 662,000 people, and this year expects to accommodate 12,000 Washingtonians in their production of The Tempest.


The Tempest, described as “a glittering tale of trickery, power, revenge and forgiveness” is certainly a production not to be missed. The Tempest features an all-star cast, including STC Affiliated Artist and Broadway veteran, Patrick Page as Prospero, Sara Topham as Ariel, and Edward Gero as Alonso, King of Naples. Internationally-acclaimed director, Ethan McSweeny, beautifully brings Shakespeare’s words to life through humor, drama, and tragedy, forcing the audience through an emotional journey of one man’s greatest desires and his influence on others. While set entirely on a deserted island, the masterful set design transports theatre-goers into another time and another realm.


The Tempest will run at STC through August 28th, 2016. Information about how to receive free tickets is available at

*Images courtesy STC

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