Red Light Gets ‘Green Light’ on 14th Street

The name says stop, but everything else says go.

Partners Aaron Gordon, Robert Underwood, and brothers Ari and Micah Wilder softly opened 14th Street’s newest neighborhood nosh spot, Red Light, Cocktails & Dessert Bar at 1401 R Street, NW this week.  These men at work started by serving a limited dessert menu complemented by innovative cocktails, but starting this Sunday, the restaurant will green light its full menu and regular hours.

Executive Chef Robert Underwood, previously the head pastry chef at award-winning Komi and Marcel’s, will offer a rotation of ten tempting desserts — that change daily, reflecting the season — and a featured soufflé.  His Soufflé of the Moment?  White Chocolate Grand Marnier.  Sounds dangerous.  Proceed with caution.

There will also be Pistachio Tea Cakes, Black & Tan Donuts, a Quinoa Brûlée Pudding — and a Cake Shake (slow down for a whole list of ‘Adult’ desserts that combine cocktail and dessert ingredients).  Or take a detour to the four Champagnes on-tap.

Looks like you have a stop ahead.

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