Sofitel’s “De-Light”ful Lunch – 30 Minutes, 500 Calories or Less!

A new menu at Sofitel’s iCi Bistrot offers fast, well-balanced, low-calorie meals to help meet health and weight goals in scrumptious style.

“You can have it be good for you and taste good,” asserted Softel’s iCi Chef Franck Loquet (right) as he introduced diners to the latest in the luxury hotel’s De-Light healthy eating offerings Thursday afternoon.Exec Chef Franck Loquet BW

Sofitel’s “gastronomic adventures in healthy eating” inspired by Thalassa Sea & Spa are not exactly new — in fact, they’ve been featured for some two years — but as more and more patrons are seeking plates without penitence/choosing cuisine via calorie count, these masterful menus are called to order in a big way.

As before, diners can enjoy a three course meal for under 500 calories.  But now… they can do so in their suites through the Room Service menu or at events photo (22)via catering.  And iCi’s biggest coup — the 30 Minute Meal!

Tucking into a new 30 minute De-Light meal option (pictured at left), the diner delights in a sampling of the two daily appetizers, one entree option and more than just a taste of dessert.

Now that’s calorie counting convenience.


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