New Local ReserveKing Crowns Itself into Crowded Boutique Gym Market

Is there a new King of the fitness circuit?

If Classpass or FitReserve weren’t the right workout subscriptions for you, you might want to look into DC’s new ReserveKing, a new non-subscription, online reservation service that offers curated fitness classes at premier boutique studios, gyms and boot camps.

ReserveKing doesn’t lock users into monthly subscription tiers or limit when, where, or how often they can take classes.  Instead, wellness enthusiasts use ReserveKing to schedule an unlimited number of classes at exclusive gyms, studios and boot camps – capped at $25 per class – and in doing so gain reward points toward free and discounted classes.  Twenty boutique workouts were selected for the soft launch – including KAAOS Gym and Athletic Training CenterDC Pilates and Bikram Hot Yoga Ivy City.

Obviously in today’s connected world, you’ll also enjoy using ReserveKing’s robust network to connect with friends, share your experience, and gain the motivation you need to stay on track.

Use promo code RES10 to receive 10 percent off your first class!