Inside the 10th Annual YPFP Affairs of State Gala

DSC01475Early this month at the City Tavern Club, the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy held its 10th Annual Young Professionals in Foreign Policy’s Affairs of State Gala & Fundraiser.

The event offered many young professionals interested in the foreignDSC01470 policy arena an opportunity to share knowledge and skills, gain exposure, and learn of new networks to tackle critical global challenges.

The group was founded in 2004, and now comprises more than 10,000 young professionals in over 70 countries.


For the 10th anniversary event, City Tavern featured beautiful decor, live music performed by local group The Perfectionist, and a dining spread fit for royalty.

DSC01479 (1)After a few glasses of wine, the dance floor crowded with guests. Shirts became untucked, awkward dance moves ensued… and an occasional barrel rolled across the dance floor?!

Lounging areas provided a relief from the frolicking.

DSC01506But even at the end of the night, those who had let loose left knowing the evening had been equally about celebrating and connecting.

As the organization enters another year, it looks ahead to fostering even more new future leaders in foreign policy.

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