Marlow Talks Domestic Violence, Details “A Life Apart” In Supper Club Style

Photo4_Biden and Hoopes
Kathleen Biden and Robert Hoopes, VOX Global President

Saving Promise is inspired by four generations of mothers and daughters in my family that survived more than 60 years of domestic violence—the story I tell in Color Me Butterfly—and my granddaughter, named Promise, now the fifth generation. But this is not just about my family.  It’s about every family represented in this room. Domestic violence affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men.  Domestic violence is a public health issue that cannot be ignored. Just as I was moved to stop the cycle of violence in my family, I hope to prevent this violence in all families across the nation,” shared L.Y. Marlow, Saving Promise Founder and author of “A Life Apart” Tuesday evening at Look Supper Club.

Photo7_Biden and LY
The author with Kathleen Biden

The book launch event — hosted by VOX GLOBAL as well as a committee to include Kathleen BidenLinda Daschle, Ben Jealous, Kelly McCormick, Kathleen Guinan, and Kimball Stroud — celebrated both the book and the organization she founded to prevent domestic violence.

Over a hundred guests attended to support her work and also hear from Xerox CFO Mike Festa, who endorsed the need for businesses to take on a role in domestic violence prevention.

“I’m not interested in writing for the sake of writing.  I aspire for my books to move our world to a better place,” Marlow told her audience. “In ‘A Life Apart’ I hope to spark discussion about race relations – a persistent issue in our society.”

*Photos credit John Conroy (Lead photo: Fran Cox, Ann Davison, Carey Tarbell)

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