Jrinking at this Newest Foggy Bottom Juicery

20160113_190502_6_bestshotIn this country, the pursuit of dreams is actively encouraged.   At a preview of their business this week, two DC women explained how they reached a new stage in making their dreams come true.

Jrink co-owners Shizu Okusa and Jennifer Ngai started pursuing their juice dream in late 2013, sharing business space with gyms and fitness centers in the DC Metropolitan area.  And how they grew!  Recent success helped Jrink to acquire a standalone space in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood.

To celebrate the milestone, Jrink held three nights of jrinking (drinking juice) where invited guests were given the opportunity to try out a sampling of juices with Okusa and Ngai guiding the tasting.

Fuel Me Up is full of green goodness, this one tastes of veggies, veggies, and more veggies.  Wake Me 20160113_190949_4_bestshotUp is bright and appropriate for cold weather.  Pick Me Up, a favorite, tastes mainly of beet, but isn’t overpowering.  Black Magic is advertised as a great hangover cure, but even if you’re not correcting your overserve, you’ll find it gentle and sweet on the palate. The popular Clean Me Up II brought the juice tasting to a spicy close with its turmeric flavor.

Even with the business’ array of juices, the co-owners are still in the mood to experiment with new products…. even creating boozy cocktails including Jrink juices!

20160113_183322_6_bestshotThey’re trying new things with hot milk beverages made out of almonds and maybe even adding the fruit and vegetables used in their Jrinks to make sushi or other savories.  The girls had a dream, and there’s no end to what they are dreaming up.

And regardless of what (or how) you Jrink, you’ll end up feeling energized and good about what you drank. We’ll Jrink to that!

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