Inside the #WearYourCrown Exhibit Opening at the Hotel Zena

Artist Romana Pintea with St. Kitts and Nevis’ Ambassador to the United States Her Excellency Dr. Thelma Phillip-Browne and Jan Du Plain

On International Women’s Day, powerful and positive women from around the world gathered at Hotel Zena to challenge other women to let their inner strength shine through.

Aime Louie, painted, with Shanelle Simmonds, First Secretary to the Permanent Mission at OAS

On March 8, 2022, Hotel Zena — known for its celebration of female empowerment and diversity through art and design — hosted the launch of artist Ramona Pintea‘s – Urban Queen ten canvas campaign and its accompanying #WearYourCrown❤️ fundraising challenge, which is now moving on to exhibition space in New York.

Crowns available for guests to participate at the exhibit debut at the Hotel Zena

The collection of paintings of female leaders included Susan Sloan, Natalia Martin, Sofia Bekatorou, Barbara Lizzet Sanchez, Amie Louie, Jayshree MallayaDonna Ashworth, Casey Donavon, and Ramona Pintea, each identifying a specific women’s issue for fundraising and awareness. All in attendance were encouraged to participate in the fun, however, by uploading videos, photos, and reels wearing a crown — with a variety of them available on site! 

@kstreetkate Artist Ramona Pintea launched the #WearYourCrown❤️ global women’s empowerment campaign and challenge on #InternationalWomensDay. #UrbanQueens ♬ Queen – Loren Gray

Among those in attendance were many of those painted, as well as Shahin Mafi, CEO of Home Health Connection, Inc.; Kimberly Bassett, Secretary of State for the District of Columbia; Anchyi Wei, Mrs. DC America 2021; ____ and Angie Xidias, Principal of One Bean Marketing.

Artist Romana Pintea with Alina Dociu and Anna Dociu

The #wearyourcrown❤️ social media and fundraising campaign continues throughout the month of March, with prints, pins, and other merchandise also sold in support of the Urban Queens’ causes.

“It’s about being a leader in service,” said Pintea. “Each one of us is unique with our own powers, our own abilities, and when you see the #urbanqueen hanging in boardrooms, offices, in schools, and even in our own bedrooms, they remind us women and girls: We got this! The crown, symbolic and powerful, reminds us we all are queens.”