Meet the Madisons!

The ladies of the Madison welcomed their 2013 class of new members at The Huxley Thursday night at the nonprofits’s annual Meet the Madisons event. The club, a civic and social organization of only 100 young women in the greater DC area working to improve the communities… Read More

DC’s Top Halloween Events

We’re well into October, so bets are on that you’ve either had your Halloween costume planned for months… or you’re getting worried about looking weak. (Yes, everyone’s thought about dressing up like Tan Mom and Big Bird this year…)  So skip too much sun and… Read More

Eats and Energy with THE WEEK

“Independence does not mean isolation,” explained John Lyman, Director of the Energy and Environment Program at The Atlantic Council and one the speakers at The WEEK‘s environmentally charged luncheon discussion at Acadiana Wednesday afternoon.  “The U.S. will never gain total independence in the oil and gas markets… we are all… Read More