Benefits and Baseball

It’s only the 2nd year of the Young Benefactors of the Smithsonian’s Polo Cup, but the sport in this city is suddently in demand. Who would have expected that D.C. could support enough interest for three big polo events a year? The YB Polo Cup is in it’s 2nd year, and is my favorite, only because it is played on the Mall (in DC, not Great Meadow, VA) and several of my friends actually play in it.

Last night we gathered at the Argentine Embassy to Kick-Off the Cup, recognize some of my polo playing pals, and raise money for Smithsonian educational programs.

If there was tango dancing, we missed it, because we had to race across town to the new Nationals Ballpark to see the perfect defeat of the Cardinals. Home run at the bottom of the 10th inning to secure a W!!! Our group was in the President’s Club (yes, the one right behind home plate). The best part was that I’m sure Kate-Marie and I were on TV a bunch. The worst part… that someone sold seats right behind us to OBNOXIOUS Cardinals fans. Seriously – who teaches their 12 year old to talk to an adult like that?!?

Victoria Michael set up an awesome afterparty in the President’s Club after the game. Everyone was happy to show up after the win, including two of my favorites – soon-to-be grandpa Stan Kasten, and my sorority sis Barbra Silva. I heard a rumor the party was in honor of Ryan Zimmerman’s new bobblehead, but I don’t think they have given any away yet. He asked me if it looked like him…I’m sure the cuteness factor can’t be translated in plastic.

Even after all of that, we actually made it to the Madison Mad in Madras event (to benefit Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this Saturday!), unplanned. The fundraiser wasn’t at Smith Point (although I swear I saw that on my invitation), it was at the Rookery, and a great place to end the evening as it’s my neighborhood bar.