A Bar + Kitchen Gives Us S’mores to Smile About


Because if winter is here, we demand s’mores.

A Bar + Kitchen, located in the Avenue Suites, is always one of our preferred Spring and Summer spots for its expansive outdoor patio and perfect Happy Hour punches.  Now, as the temperatures drop, A Bar keeps tempting us by introducing two fire pits… which obviously come with a bar side of seasonal smores2sips and s’mores!

A DIYers dream come true, guests can create their own warm cocktails (or mocktails) at a do-it-yourself hot cider bar with cinnamon sticks and other mulling spices, or shots of Bourbon or Dark Spiced Rum. A hot cocoa bar offer creative customization as well, serving up whipped cream, marshmallows, peppermint and other toppings, plus the option to add a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Bourbon, or Peppermint Schnapps.

But let’s get back to those s’mores…

In addition to the regular drink and bite menu, s’mores kits are only $5 per person.

We’re not so sure we’re craving the cold…  but A Bar’s s’mores sure do make us smile.

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