A Whiskey/Sandwich Smash-up Shop, ‘Premier Drams’ Open in AdMo

When you think whiskey in DC, you’re undoubtedly considering Jack Rose. And if you want great eats, you’re almost definitely going next door to Michelin-recommended The Imperial.

Now, these two DC favorite — indeed world-renowned — local gems recently announced a partnership to open a new spirits shop that sells fine liquor and creative sandwiches. And it just happens to be named after an annual Jack Rose whiskey party — Premier Drams (2001 18th Street NW, Washington DC 20009).

The party continues as Imperial’s raw bar has been transformed into “an airy, shelf-lined haven for fine brown liquor…and a sandwich counter slinging some of the best (and best value) sandwiches in the city,” according to a release.

A few years ago, Jack Rose owner Bill Thomas, who has a reputation for collecting limited-release bottles, famously sold off much of his whiskey collection and opened up a pop-up bottle saloon. So Washingtonians were anxiously awaiting this dedicated shop.

Premier Drams will sell a curated 100+ label selection of what Bill calls “everything you need to stock your home bar.”

Bourbon, rye, American whiskey, scotch, international whiskeys, other craft spirits, wine, cocktail makings, glassware, and more tempt… for either take-home or tasting at Premier Drams’ 8-person hightop table.

And the sandwich side of the shop is bringing back some crave-worthy curiosities from The Imperial’s pop-up as well, including the Filet O’ Fish and All Day Egg & Cheese, as well as Chef Reynold’s crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich and Smashed Wagyu Burger. Wallet-friendly sides like Champagne Slaw, Dill Potato Salad, Old Bay Fries, and House Chips will fall right onto that order to be enjoyed in-house, to-go, or via DoorDash delivery.

Premier Drams, with a separate entrance to the right of The Imperial, is open Wednesday-Friday from 5-10pm, Saturday from 11am-10pm, and Sunday from 11am-6pm.