Wunder Garten’s Winter Wunderland Launch Party

20161130_172538_llsThe scent of the upcoming holidays is in the air.

In the NoMa neighborhood, beer garden and beer hall Wunder Garten invited the public to nosh on food and enjoy some beer on a Wednesday afternoon and extended the festivities as the sun went down.

The purpose of the special event, called Winter Wunderland Launch Party, was to celebrate the new addition to the beer garden, which is an indoor pavilion. Patrons could come in, relax, and watch Charlie Brown! With the advent of colder days to come, this new 20161130_175142_llsaddition has arrived just in time.

However, there are other ways to enjoy what the beer establishment has to offer. Wunder Garten has seating areas outdoors where patrons can sit near a warm fire or sit at a table to enjoy some conversation. The festive lighting added a special touch to the event.

20161130_175213_llsIt wouldn’t be a celebration of the holidays if there weren’t any shopping opportunities to partake in, right? We think so! Fresh cut locally sourced Douglas firs dotted the outdoor space and are available for purchase.

This event offered a reminder that the holiday season, which can be hectic, is also a time to sit back and enjoy the scent of the festivities that is in the air.