Inside the New Dave and Buster’s Silver Spring

What kid — big, little, or adult sized — doesn’t like to go to a place where tokens are needed to play games, and tickets are used to get prizes?!  Good thing there’s a new Dave and Buster’s in Silver Spring, Maryland!

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Going through the doors to enter this new Dave and Buster’s, visitors are surrounded by so many lights, revealing a dizzying and dazzling array of over 160 games to play. There are all kinds of video games, including Mario Kart DX and Guitar Hero. Some are games to play against each other, but playing solo is an option too.  Childhood favorites are available, too, like skeeball and the basketball game Super Shot.

But Dave and Buster’s is more than just a place to play games and accumulate tickets.  It’s also a place for visitors to go to watch sports matches, do team building, or celebrate birthdays while enjoying some traditional American food favorites.

The best part of all? Unlike when you were a child, there’s no need to cash in their tickets before they leave the premises – they can keep their tickets, which are transferred into their Dave and Buster’s Power Card, and keep collecting their tickets until they’re ready to cash them in for prizes!

Dave & Buster’s Silver Spring is located on the 5th floor in Ellsworth Place (8661 Colesville Road). Hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday 11am – midnight, and Friday through Saturday 11am – 2am.

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