White House Correspondents’ After-Revelries

*Pictured: Dina Davalle, Pamela Sorensen, James Gomez, me, and Erwin Gomez. Courtesy of Erwin Gomez Salon and Spa www.ErwinGomez.com; Dina and I courtesy of Yona!

Not at all as an appearance as Miss District of Columbia, I joined friends (Victoria Michael, Pamela Sorensen, Sarah Rosenwinkel, and Dina Davalle) attending one of the three major after parties of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday evening. The Capitol File party, held at the Columbian Ambassador’s (Her Excellency, Carolina Barco) home, was unique in its decadence.

The mansion was splendidly decorated in a sort of ‘Carnivale’ theme with the towering court jesters, dancers… and I think I may have even seen a mime! Every room had a theme bar. Although I tried to spend time in each of the many rooms, I will admit that I stationed myself for the majority of the evening in the dessert dining area because there I was sure to see everyone coming through!

One highlight of the evening was meeting Petra, a model whose recent Humanitarian work in the wake of the Tsunami disaster has been inspirational. A stunning beauty, of course, I was pleased to find her also very gracious and engaging. I also very much enjoyed meeting and speaking with Kate Roberts, knwon and celebrated for starting YouthAIDS. Other actors, actresses, etc. of note were in attendance. I did not have my picture taken with – as many did – Sanjaya, although he was there for a good portion of the evening.

I’m certain that the Bloomberg and Reuters after-parties were fun as well… but did they have digital media cards and coffee in their goody-bags?? Kudos to Capitol File – always a great time!