B. Michael Fashion Show

B. Michael is one of the preferred designers of Mrs. Fenty, wife of the Mayor of the District of Columbia. Saks Jandel and B. Michael, with Mrs. Fenty in attendance, held a private fashion event to showcase B. Michael’s upcoming Fall line.

I can’t decide if I like the suits or the gowns the best. Each trend seemed more exciting than the last… but I do think it was the black skirt suit I wore (with a very Jackie-O boat neckline and a back-buttoned deep-V cut jacket) that got the most oohs and aahs. Very elegant and stylish. Very D.C. !

Here are pictured me in two of my runway outfits for the show. I am accompanied by Ashley, Alexandra, and Cat – all models with my agency, T.H.E. Artist Agency.

A percentage of the proceeds from the show are donated to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Washington, DC.